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It is never business as usual at Corporate Strategists Corporation. Find out why!


Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC) aligns with a wide array of industries, fields and occupations to bring fresh, new insights to our business communities.   These seminars center on areas such as eCommerce, referral business resources, placing emphasis on strengthening opportunities, and minimization  on risks factors.  

We truly understand how the core values of an organization leadership influences the totality of business.  We hope to assist in marketing the values of what the company hopes to achieve

 "An educated consumer is our is our best customer"

 -- Sy Sims, CEO - The Men's Warehouse


  • Self-Leadership and Motivation

  • Employee Termination Processes

  • Performance Management

  • "On The Move Customer Service" Workshops & Seminars

  • Motivating Workforce With Employee Assistance Programs

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Entrepreneurship vs. Intrapreneurship

  • The Art of Networking Inside & Outside the Company

  • Training and Developing Middle Management

  • Employee Motivation With Dignity, Respect and Inclusion

  • Critical Thinking Skills For Leadership

  • Business Ethics, Etiquette and  Decorum

  • RTB:  Raise The Bar On Sexual Harassment (4-Hour Sessions)

  • Telephone Etiquette:  The Forgotten Imperative (4-Hour Session)

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