Corporate Strategists Corporation

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Customer Testimonials

“She is hilarious! Ms. Grannum makes you laugh, understand, and within the same breath, you get it! We shared so many ‘aha, moments’ that I lost count. We spent a full-day with her, and the hours went by so fast, we couldn’t believe we covered EIGHT hours with her and her team of panelists. Trust me, you are going to learn what most supervisors won’t teach you, and most company’s HR people should know. The course on Sexual Harassment and Related Violations . . . as the HR Director for our company, this refresher course gave us our money’s worth. Thank you, professor!”  
                                                                                     RS, HR Director, Miami, FL
Over the years, I have found her workshops to be quite thorough.  She has a pragmatic approach where she uses the most basic analogies, to get the points across.  Her stories help to place emphasis on the essential points.  The program/seminar I attended on sexual harassment and other forms of harassment, kept us out of trouble on numerous occasions in our company.  She teaches the adults in class in a sensible, straight to the point-way.  I had her to conduct the seminar for all our employees.  Good job, teacher.” 
President/CEO, Boca Raton, FL
As the HR Coordinator, I had to learn as much as I could as quickly as possible regarding AFA benefits for the 90+ employees at my company; There was no question unanswered after participating in Ms. Grannum’s Power Luncheon, with the SBA, and Vince Johnson, from Broward Health, also. I really learned a lot in the session. Much appreciated!"
IH, HR Coordinator, Tamarac, FL
“Corporate Strategists Corporation is a unique company. It is unique in that throughout the journey with the associates, they work within realistic gauges, and are able to implement what they recommended with good results. Small businesses should be more aware of what companies such as this one provides. We wish them all the luck in providing their services.” 
JG, President, General Contractor, Plantation, FL
“This is best training program I have ever attended; I really understood everything that was presented. Wow!” is what my Director told me after participating in the Workplace Harassment Risk Management Workshop facilitated by Ms. Grannum and her associates. After personally participating, I had to agree.”
PJ, Vice President, Miami, FL


“The tailored orientation for new employees is a great service. When I was in need of having someone give an orientation for my newly-hired person, I was referred to CSC, Ms. Grannum. I was very pleased with the way she conducted the workshop/seminar training, and I believe the information she shared will remain with my employees for a long time. Thank you for your service.” 
TK, International Business Consultant, Coral Springs, FL
I have participated in training seminars, workshops, luncheons and conferences with Ms. Grannum. We have never been disappointed in the offerings she brings to the table. I am always leaving with that outcome of expectation fulfilled. We were actually able to implement succession planning programs and strategies for our employees.”

President/CEO, Boca Raton, FL