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Ms. Brown is a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant with advanced knowledge of skin care, color, and Clinical Solutions™ who enjoys seeing transformation of her clients -- from the outset of using the products, to exploring possibilities, and eventually rising to the occasion of entrepreneurship -- also an Independent Beauty Consultant.  

For special fundraising project that absolutely comprises just having friends to talk about beautification and feeling a softer skin, to just learning about new sales ideas, that you could use in any marketing campaign, she can be of service.  

Please contact her to find your next gift, visit her website to see what products might be interest, gift card honors, learn to how to buy for yourself, relatives, staff just because gifts . . . or just about self indulgence with a facial or make-up artistry on your next podcast . . . take it to another level!

She has a delightful personality, very knowledgeable about her product-line, and enjoys laughing.  

Overview of the Affiliate Programs

Our service mark indicates that we are "Simply Taking Great Ideas To Another Level" and these affiliate programs do exactly that!   Furthermore, "Connecting The Dots!" services augments an even greater addition to what we can offer our customers, listening to everyone's ideas, learning about their capacity building technique, and assist in crossing the tees and "dotting" the "I" (individual)  needs.  

Noted unlike many others we have asked the for answers to how we can assist their growth, profitability and sustainability.    After learning as much as we can, ongoing, we can then connect the dots that can enhance taking another level, mutually, of course.   Simply said, simply done!    

Please review our scoped group, and contact them whenever possible.  Join us in the exploration of moving things forward to help in your success 

Your success then becomes our success -- One Company At A Time.

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