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Workforce training and development are key components for companies with the vision to expand and stay competitive in their industry.    The workshops can be tailored to accommodate specific and targeted goals.   

In addition to those published, and not limited to these, Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC) associates are proud to offer these workshops, both on virtual sites (e.g., webinars, etc.),  as well as brick- and-mortar training facilities.   Training programs can be tailored to your needs, and offered in 2-, 4, 6- 8- or 16-hour sessions.  

Please contact us for details, schedules and if interested, for a quote!


  • On The Move Customer Service:  Approaches For Handling A Difficult Situations

  • On The Move Customer Service:  Leadership in the Public & Private Sectors

  • On The Move Customer Service" Workshops & Seminars For Land-Side, Front Line and First Impression Staff

  • Developing Pragmatic Organizational Skills

  • Community Services & College-Bound Strategies for Success 

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Proactive Roles For Women in Leadership 

  • Developing A Productive Lunch and Lunch

  • Digital Citizenship, Business Etiquette & Social Media In the Workplace

  • Becoming A Likeable Boss

  • Supervising Others, Your Former Associates and New Employees

  • Conducting Annual Reviews & Implementing Growth Plan 

  • Developing New Managers:  The Incubation Processes

  • Creating Organizational/Corporate Behavior

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