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Corporate Strategists Corporation 2023 International Triple C

Character. Courage. Commitment.


Captains of Industry

Mr. Bob Jordan

President & Chief Executive Office

Southwest Airlines

Dallas, Texas

Recognized for 2023 To Be The 

"Commitment to Continuity in 

Quality Assurance in

 Excellent Standards of Customer Service"

Bob Jordan serves as President & Chief Executive Officer at Southwest Airlines. Bob is a 35-year Southwest veteran and began his career as a programmer in Technology. Bob has held 15 different positions at Southwest, including leadership roles in the areas of Finance, Planning, Procurement, Fuel, Facilities, Technology, Corporate Strategy, and as Chief Commercial Officer. Bob also served as the President of AirTran Airways during the successful integration. Most recently, Bob served as Southwest Airlines' Executive Vice President Corporate Services, providing Executive Leadership for Southwest's world-renowned People and Culture, training at Southwest Airlines University, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts, and Communications & Outreach Teams.

Ms. Olivia D. Cantu

President & Chief Executive Officer

International Defenders Council, Inc.

Dania Beach, FL

Recognized In 2023 To Be The 

"Character, Courage and Commitment

to End Discrimination and

 Improve Human Rights Globally "

Ms. Diahann Billings-Burford

Chief Executive Officer

RISE:  Ross Initiative In Sports For Equality


Recognized In 2023 For

"Courage to Inspire Humanity to Excel In Efforts to End Inequality in the Sports Industry"

RISE programs feature our dynamic, interactive curriculum, which increases an understanding of racial equity and builds cultural competence. We equip professional, collegiate and school-aged athletes, coaches and administrators with the tools to address matters of racism, prejudice and inclusivity.    RISE's curriculum covers topics such as identity, bias, diversity concepts and athlete activism and teaches skills such as perspective taking, empathy, critical thinking and leadership.    Our programs, which are offered virtually or in-person, build skills and create safe spaces to have important and often difficult conversations about race, perceptions and stereotypes that must take place in order for a community to grow. We empower participants of all ages to be leaders for racial equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion.

Ms. Rochelle James, MBA, SPHRi

Presidents & Chief Executive Officer

Caribbean Society for Human Resource Professionals

Recognized In 2023 For Being The 

"Courageous Pioneer and Visionary In Human Resources Leadership and Development in the Region"

A Partnership Between Senior Human Resource 

Executives of Leading Companies

CSHRP is designed to be a highly leveraged learning opportunity for member companies. It aims to minimize the time commitment of HR executives while maximizing information exchanges and mutual learning among member companies. With committed research and administrative support, CSHRP helps participating members add value to their customers and improve the quality of their services.    

CSHRP sponsors a broad variety of events and information sharing for the mutual benefit of its members. 

Mr. Andre Antenor

President & Chief Executive Officer

Positive Assistance, Inc.

Recognized In 2023 For

"Commitment to Community Awareness in Healthcare of Predominantly Haitian Residents"

Positive Assistance, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Orlando, Florida, works with individuals who are insured, underinsured, and uninsured. Our sliding scale fee is designated to fit the budget of the low income or no income individuals. Call or stop by our clinic with any questions or concerns.     We support, understand not everyone is able to physically get to our facilities, that is why we have an outreach team as well as a mobile unit to go out and provide services to the community right where they are located.

Mr. Ryder Pearce & Team

Chief Executive Officer

SKIP, Inc.

New York and California, USA

Recognized In 2023

"Character In Providing Outstanding Services to Assist Small Companies in Their Growth, 

Profitability and Sustainability Plans"

Skip's a mission-driven company building products and services to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses "skip" the red tape. Since its founding in 2016, Skip has helped over 1 million small business owners and individuals.   Today, Skip is focused on helping the 33 million small business owners in the US get the help they need — from getting started, to getting funding, to growing their business.

We're proud to be the largest resource in the US dedicated to helping small businesses find out about funding options, from grants to loans and other small business financing.

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