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  The T​ipping Point and Purpose for This Affiliate

By Sharon Reid, President/CEO -- CSS

Each time that I am honored with providing services to a client, I complete a survey of needs. I ask, I listen, I consider, I connect, I make a conclusion of the needs CSC can provide, or make recommendations otherwise. 

I present these resolutions.    In every survey, I ask two precision question. A third or fourth question might come into play depending on the answers to the first two:  

  • Do you have a vision, a mission and a code of conduct for your enterprise? 

  • Do you have a business plan that lays out the vision, mission and code of conduct to streamline and strategize plans to fruition?  

The chances are most have a vision statement, but not a precise mission statement that shows the necessary steps to accomplish the end result.

Another observation, all too often, most clients have a mission statement, but no vision, or the vision statement comes after the mission.  Then, the second question is often followed by the need for a grant.  While that is possible, the mission outlined in the business plan, can often get us the grant.   

To obtain loans, you will need a business plan, to get the grant, you will need the business plan.  Herein lies the rub:  How do we get from point A to midpoint of a successful undertaking?  

Subscribe to SKIP and let us get you through the quagmire of concerns: 

 Skip is cost effective, efficient and has a successful track record.  

We SKIP The Red Tape . . .  And Lay Out The Red Carpet!

SKIP Overview 

What This Affiliate Offers That 

Benefits You . .

You likely know us as the source for information on which grants are worth applying to. But we have heard that you also need help applying to those grants. We are excited to share that this is now an official offering from Skip!

Here's the help you'll get at each membership level:

Premium: webinars and blog posts with advice for applying to grants from our expert team members.  $199.00/MONTH (3 Minimum Recommended.

VIP: Personalized help from your own concierge with your grant writing, who will guide you through the process. $499.00/MONTH (3 Minimum Recommended)

Platinum: Not only will you receive personalized help, your concierge will actually do the grant writing for you, with you at their side every step of the way.  $1,000/MONTH (3 Minimum Recommended)

For the average market price to have a quality business plan, or grant written far outweighs what Skip offers.    

Join our circle of winners!

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