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Conference September 11-12, 2023*

Childhood Suicide 

In The Amateur Sport 

2023 Theme | "A Career in Professional Sports Is A Pathway, But Not The Only Way"

Suicide is the most common cause of death for people ages 15 – 24.  Working with staff members of the high school coaches and guidance counselors, CSC and its community-based partners and organizations, will focus on expanding ​career horizons for students who wish to enter the Sports Industry, through exploration of allied services and fields. Hence, the theme.(Read more about rise of young people and the depression statistics) .

". . . there is only a .03% chance of a pro career. This means that of the almost 156,000 male, high school senior basketball players only 44 will be drafted to play in the NBA after college, and only 32 women (.02%) out of just over 127,000 female, high school senior players will eventually be drafted. In football the odds are slightly better, with .08% or 250 of just over 317,000 high school senior players being drafted. 

"Read more on the odds of career in professional athletic association. Can this contribute to suicidal tendencies in youth and adolescents?"


Conference Program Under Development and Confirmation

Conference September 13-14, 2023*

Women Veterans Suicide Prevention Conference

2023 Theme | "The Silence Is Deafening"

On June 12, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed into law the Women's Armed Services Integration Act allowing women to serve as regular members of the military. On May 5, 2017,  Representative Victoria Neave filed House Bill 2698, establishing Women Veterans Day.  

Read more . . . Click on this published article discussed more than we are able to explain.

Women Veterans Committing Suicide

In And Out Of The Military


Conference Program Under Development and Confirmation

Conference September,  15-16, 2023*

Challenges Of The Construction & Extraction Industry

2023 Theme"REAP the Benefits:

Revisiting Employee Assistance Programs"

On our September Teleconferences falls within the time frame that OSHA provides programs for construction workers.  A caller brought it to our attention that the Construction Industry has he highest percentage of suicide.  Here is an excerpt that tells the frightful challenges:    "A better understanding of how suicides are distributed by occupational group might help inform prevention programs and policies. Because many adults spend a substantial amount of their time at work, the workplace is an important but underutilized location for suicide prevention (8). Workplaces could potentially benefit from suicide prevention activities. Additional and tailored prevention approaches might be necessary to support workers at higher risk. Workplace suicide prevention efforts to date have focused primarily on early detection and tertiary intervention through the training of persons (i.e. gatekeepers) to identify those at risk (Read more . . .).

Conf​erence Program Under Development and Confirmation


Each year since 2003, on September 10, with new themes annually, we join the ranks of the various organizations and companies, profit and not-for-profit, to assist in bringing recognition to the crises.  Suicide prevention spreads across genres, continents, industries, field and ethnicity. however, that we can provide assistance by focusing on two primary challenged industries, CSC will host this conference, bringing awareness to the Sports and Construction (Extraction) industries.  


Learn what the AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION does, shares on statistics and why we need to hold this conference.  

Theme:  "Save A Life.  Save A World"

"All over the globe, individuals, agencies, and governments all do different things to bring the spotlight on suicide and to bring people together to help find a solution. Some of the things which are done include holding press conferences, creating videos about suicide prevention, holding educational seminars and conferences, securing radio and television commercials highlighting the problem, holding memorial service and candlelight vigils, throwing BBQs or luncheons, launching books or other print media, using the hashtag #worldsuicidepreventionday and posting to social media. 

All of these efforts can help shine the light on the problem of suicide and help bring people together so they can come up with new strategies to fight it." (Source:

This Project Is Still In The Planning Stages.  Please Add Your Contact Information For More Information As It Becomes Available.

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