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Getting To The C.O.R.P. Of The Matter!

Caribbean Orphanages Relief  Project

Using theJerusalema is a world-wide line dance, (English Translation On the 2022-2023 C.O.R.E./C.O.R.P. invites all Caribbean Orphanages to find a group (5-Plus), who will represent that active orphanage in any CARICOM country, to enter the challenge on their behalf.  (Sorry,  no videos, must be participative in any of the venue to be determined (e.g., Florida, New York, Georgia, etc.) .   We began in 2022, and plans are now being completed in 2023.  

Hope for a better outcome!

The donations on the GoFundMe portal received will be shared equally to all contestant.  Hence, everyone's a winner being the funds will be shared equally among all the orphanages that are able to find representation in the States to dance in the Jerusalema Challenge. 

Working with community partners, we hope to explore ways and means to assist them toward gaining self-sufficiency in areas of health, clothing, school supplies, education, and basic personal hygienic needs.


June brings recognition to various aspects of collaborative, recognition, heritage and economic relevant to expansion and development within the regions. A playground for many of the rich and famous, we believe much more can be done to assist overall prosperity. In particular two areas that are near and dear to my hear are etched: (1) Economic development and gender equality, and (2) children projects that enhances the well-being of children -- educationally and the well-being of their everyday lifestyles. The orphanages in the Caribbean need help -- they are a silent fall-short society, that of a silent, so to speak.



This concern relates to the plight of the Caribbean orphanages that are in dire straits for help!   We can help is many ways, but I am confident that because we love to dance, why not "Simply Take It To Another Level"?

The GoFundMe portal is being developed and will be managed by Ms. Hunter.  More information forthcoming on objectives, goals and outcome.     


THE PURPOSE: The Caribbean-based orphanages are in dire straits to simply put food on the table daily for their children. Fundraiser will run April thru November. The CORE initiative was created to help them in various ways, including putting shoes on their feet.   Project With A Purpose, indeed!

THE VISION: To organize helpers, sponsors, donors to contribute $25.00 minimum. Goal is $125,000.00, in order to donate approximately $4,000.00(usd) or more depending on how many groups are represented -- one or more dancing groups of the CARICOM countries. Funds are delivered to the leaders of the organization directly.

THE MISSION: For Caribbean Heritage Month, 2023, our efforts are aimed toward helping the residents of the Caribbean, and in as many ways, goad them toward self-reliance. We hope this will be the start of something big -- and long term.

COLLABORATIVES: Many of these children eventually seek their degrees in the USA colleges and universities. The Sister Cities Programs are often able to assist, and the beat goes on! Many hands lighten the load.  Many hands lighten the load. If there are questions as to how to assist this initiative, there will be a Zoom CORP Meeting -- Please register to attend, but in the meantime, select to represent an orphanage, coordinate a group, complete the registration form, and definitely, spread the word! 

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