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“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”             Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 20, 2019

Sometimes, all it takes is a single comment in a meeting to change the mood of a subordinate or a supervisor . . ., really! I have often found a sense of humor during my training programs can make or break the session.   I find having a sense of humor and sharing laughter to be my greatest asset . . . this is an important characteristic to be that leadership training specialist that I continue to become.

The 7 Tipping Points (For A Laugh):  

The tipping point . . . on today’s agenda is called “a thanksgiving meeting.” It is a meeting where you are going to be handing out a whole lot of “thank yous” to the people in your workplace.

As such, I wanted to share with our readers, a few tipping points on thanksgiving "sweets" that can be appreciated all year round. This should make you laugh while you endeavor to bring this to fruition.

Thus, now that you have returned, maybe this is a great time to bring to the table some left over from the main course -- another little insight on how we can lighten up.

Insight #1

Setting The​ Ambiance!  [Tone]

Okay, you are already known to be good at calling meetings, having a plan of action (agenda), and skipping to the chase. So why would this be any different or will it?  (Read more . . .)

Insight #2

 Agenda for Today’s Menu! {Meeting]

Embrace the certainty of goal setting, and outcome bound-appreciation driven endeavors. Your ultimate items on this agenda relates to expressing thanks. (Read more . . .)

Insight #3

Plan the Servings With Precision!

How does one season the pot [luck]? The time, length and topic are the ingredients that stir this into motion. (Read more . . . )

Insight #4

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About!

When meetings are called on the spur, associates are often intimidated; today your job is be very good at doing just that, with panache.  (Read more . . . )

Insight #5

Suggested Entree! [Topics] Spruce It Up!

Recommendations can be made among the staff, but when you are able to “use the gossip” channel, pretend that you heard through the grapevine.  (Read more . . .)

Insight #6

Using Positive Reinforcements

Everyone can be inspired to do things. This concept is about positive reinforcement with a touch of humor, collective survey results, sufficiently to be emulated. (Read more . . .)

Insight #7 

Laughter in Memory

There is that belief that says if you are always laughing at yourself, you will be laughing a lot – often. The ultimate tipping is about laughing with your staff. This is really a cool experience. Start by laughing at yourself.  (Read more . . . )

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