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In The Community

Locally.  Nationally.  Globally.

The more you know . . .  Doing our part, we try to stay abreast of what the news entails and how to utilize the benefits of knowledge management -- both within the public and private sectors.   One component that we are best at offering from this knowledge gained, is hosting of events around special awareness proclamations -- not necessary holidays.  This is how we participate through the "In The Community.  initiatives.

In particular for example, while a member of some of the local organizations, we participate on national boards as well;  but, not limited to these depicted.  Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC) annually and consistently pay respect to those in public service in recognition of the United Nations International Public Service Day, which occurs June 22 - 23 time frame.  Additionally, our ribbons depicts respect in October for Breast Cancer, and also National Cyber Security awareness.  In September 10 and throughout, CSC along with local, nationally and globally, hosts events by doing our part for International  Suicide Prevention.  

"Calling For Peace" - By Brad Haber -- A Video Speaking A Thousand Words!

My good friend, Brad Haber, created this video. 

I am extremely proud that the validated our friendship when he sent this and asked for my opinion.  This is what community peace advocates do so very, very well.  

They do something about their vision.  Brad sees the world through different lenses, and wanted to share with us his insight.  Please take a vein minutes to see words in action.  Words need not be spoken any  more eloquently.  The pictures speak for what is be asked.

Calling for Peace . . .  Aren't we all asking for the same thing?

Please visit our Calling For Peace Video page to view these words for a cause.    After viewing, please leave us a comment and if so inspired, a prayer!

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