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Sharon A. Reid [Grannum], MS, DTT, CADR

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Strategists Corporation is Sharon Reid Grannum.  Her predominant attributes are grounded in her formal background as a university professor, business adviser and organizational leadership trainer. Her greatest asset comes into play as a prolific speaker on topics or business expansion and long-term development. 

She laughs a lot!  Mostly at herself.  

Background In Brief

Sharon Reid (using the name Grannum in a continuation attempt that allows those who are acquainted with her) holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management. She teaches, promotes, a​s well as collaborates with members of the hospitality fields, and international area, and also holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management, emphasis on leadership and strategic planning, and continues to pursue a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership.  

The Writer 

In 2009, Ms. Reid published an article, "7 Tips on Productivity Improvement In A Competitive Environment," receiving excellent feedback from many of her peers, conducted seminars on the seven points and amended the thoughts shared.  Now, 10 years later, September 2019, she was encouraged and has pulled together her first book!    Be sure to read the more current article,  "3 Professional Development Strategies to Keep Your Employees in Tip-Top Shape" that was published with the Alignable network.   Please visit and make a comment . . .  Tips you could use right away!

Emphasis on Experience

Ms. Reid brings more than 30 years of experience in Strategic Management. She has worked on concentrative productivity improvements for workforces, companies, and community-wide programs.   Often filled to capacity workshops, she also trains faculty on classroom management styles. She also earned a Diploma in Teacher Training (DTT), which sanctions her ability to assist career directors in high schools, colleges and universities. She is a Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) mediator, and is Certified in Strategic Management.  She has an extensive background in the fields of International Commerce with concentration in trade, business expansion and development in market and product readiness requirements.    

What She Does Best

An eloquent speaker, under her leadership, the company designs, organizes, and conducts seminars and workshops on leadership, talent development (e.g., performance evaluations/appraisals), women entrepreneurship conferences, and sexual harassment risk management (leadership and influence) in workplace compliance. She speaks, writes, and publishes articles on professional development, job enrichment, job enlargement, and conducts seminars on similar topics.

Proven Track Record

On record, experience tapered to the skill set of lead faculty, dean, and academic adviser, transcript evaluator, Ms. Reid held the highest ratings on student retention. Having had an exceptional track record in student retention and graduates, as a strategists, she teaches College-Bound Strategies for Success with a specialization that focuses on teaching students how to research colleges, and conducting the initial interviews with Admissions Departments.    


Her Hallmark

She created and hosts annually The CSC International Triple C Award:  Character - Courage and Commitment wherein Public Service Extra-Ordinaire and Captains of Industry, recognizes persons who have contributed to the betterment of societies, either as public servants and those who are captains in their industry.  Our Standard of Excellence:

Public Service Extra-Ordinaire (Public Sector):  In recognition of the United Nations Public Service (Seven Honorees)

Recognition Awards, a person/characteristics  . . .  "outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity"

Captain of Industry (Private Sector):  Recognition Awards - a person/characteristics:  "a leading business figure who everybody respects and admires"


Her Mantras

One:  A rocking chair might be in moves, but  does not go anywhere.  You need to add solid rocket boosters and possibly wheels.

Two:  The customer is always right, because the customer knows what the customer wants.  The responsibility of the company's agent is to assist the customer in reaching that goal.

Three: To Be Continued . . . .

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