Corporate Strategists Corporation

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Our Leadership

Sharon Reid [Grannum], MS, DTT

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Corporate Strategists Corporation is Sharon Reid Grannum. Her predominant attributes are grounded in her formal background as a university professor, business adviser and organizational leadership trainer.  Her greatest asset comes into play as a prolific speaker on topics or business expansion and long-term development.  She laughs a lot!

Ms. Reid holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management. She teaches, promotes, and collaborates with members of the hospitality fields nationally and internationally, and also holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources, emphasis on Leadership.  Ms. Reid brings more than 20 years of experience in Strategic Management. She has worked on concentrative productivity improvements for workforces, companies, and community-wide programs.  Often filled to capacity workshops, she also trains faculty on classroom management styles. She also earned a Diploma in Teacher Training (DTT), which sanctions her ability to assist career directors in high schools, colleges and universities.

Under her leadership, the company designs, organizes, and conducts seminars and workshops on leadership, talent development (e.g., performance evaluations/appraisals), women entrepreneurship conferences, and sexual harassment risk management (leadership and influence) in workplace compliance. She speaks, writes, and publishes articles on professional development and job enrichment and enlargement.

On record, experience tapered to the skill set of lead faculty, dean, and academic adviser, transcript evaluator, Ms. Reid  held the highest ratings on student retention. Having had an exceptional track record in student retention and graduates, as a strategists, she teaches College-Bound Strategies for Success with a specialization that focuses on teaching students how to research colleges, and conducting the initial interviews with Admissions Departments.  

Edward Singleton

As Sr. Executive Vice President for Community Liaison and Affairs, Mr. Edward Singleton maintains the decorum of the ultimate diplomat. He works closely with our community leaders in the actualization of programs that focus on enhancing lives.

One of CSC’s trainers, Mr. Singleton spearheads forums where participants are able to share experiences, placing interests in self-esteem building. He works closely with community-based organizations (public and private) regarding community redevelopment projects.

Mr. Singleton provides specialized services as a retail industry field consultant for back-of-the house design and management, from the lowest to the highest rank for the company workforce development and capacity building goals. He is a quality control assurance trainer, working with start-up companies and providing gap analysis for meeting industry certification and compliance.

Bringing more than 37 years of experience as a professional baker to the corporate environment, Mr. Singleton shares his knowledge with hard-to-hire programs and start-up entrepreneurs who aspire toward gaining skills in the retail area. He participates on an ongoing basis with schools, in “career shows” that teaches the art of what he does best: working with those who wish to enhance their skill sets in the retail field.