About Us

About Our Company

Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC) is a strategic management company headquartered in Plantation, Florida, with a diverse workforce of excellent, experienced members.  Although our company was only established in 2015, our wide range of services is backed by more than 32 years’ worth of combined quality management experience and leadership skills.

What Can Be Misconstrued 

Often there is misconception of what a small company need to know in order to engage our services.   

CSC assists companies of all sizes in their efforts to reach their fullest potential.  We do this through productivity improvement programming to include training seminars and networking events, to name a few.  There are often a combination of specialists who converge on a single venue/company, to assist in various areas.   We seldom are able to complete a 360 Degree project without the inclusion of other specialists and experts.  

We Can Usually Engage Persons In These Fields

Professional Development

Training Specialists

International Business, Market-Readiness &  Expansion 

In The Community & Business 

Relations Liaison

Vision Statement

We hope for the ability to assist in the positive actualization of our client’s aspirations is our vision.  CSC began with the vision that we will become the best strategists in our field, helping our clients to grow, be profitable, and sustain themselves. Our acquired ability to take great ideas to another level is our mission.

Mission Statement

When the need presents itself to reinvent strategic options, regardless of the size of the company, decision-makers will seek out new, bold ideas and equip themselves with the necessary tools. Our mission is to listen to what our customer’s inspirations entail and design specific methods to actualize the vision.

Our Core Values

Corporate Strategists Corporation's values are consistent with the understanding of what constitutes total quality management styles, situational leadership theories, and business practicalities.   We are polite and skilled persons servicing polite and skilled persons times.