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It is never business as usual at Corporate Strategists Corporation. Find out why!

About Our Company

Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC) is a business development servicescompany headquartered in Plantation, Florida, with a diverse workforce of excellent, experienced associates.  ​Although our company was only established in 2015, our wide range of services is backed by more than 32 years’ worth of combined quality management experience and leadership skills.

Our 30-Second Commercial

Corporate Strategists Corporation, is an African-American, woman-owned, privately held company in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and is a single location business. It is categorized under the Management Industry, offering Business Development Services (BDS).   Our records show it was established in 2010, re-structured in 2015, and incorporated in the State of Florida. Currently employs a staff of approximately 4, and growing.


CSC assists companies of all sizes in their efforts to reach their fullest potential.  We do this through productivity improvement programming, taking sections of an objective and work on the improvement requirements.  This includes  training seminars, workshops, conferences, employee assistance programs, to name a few as the communication method -- identifying the tipping points.  

We Can Usually Engage Persons In These Fields

There are often a combination of specialists who converge on a single venue/company, to assist in various areas to meet the strategic, tactical or operational goals.  We hope you will grant us an opportunity to work with you and your organizational capacity building objectives and goals.  

Professional Development
& Employee Assistance Training Specialists
International Business, Market-Readiness &  Expansion 
In The Community & Business 
Relations Liaison

Vision Statement

CSC's vision is consistently provide guaranteed, quality service to every company to assist in the positive actualization of their growth, profitability and sustainability over time.

Mission Statement

CSC's mission is to listen to what our customer’s inspirations entail and design specific methods to actualize the vision.  Essentially, "taking great ideas to another level" is our mission.

Our Core Values

 CSC's core values are predicated upon the understanding and commitment that we are polite and skilled persons servicing polite and skilled persons at all times in a professional, ethical,  and courteous manner.

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