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Why This Workshop

Inflicting pain on anyone is never acceptable behavior, whether advertently or inadvertently, yet often occurs.  The intent is not the issue;  the outcome is what becomes more accountable.

These workshops are about proactive elements of importance in developing the workforce, and , the job applications, the behavior of power seekers; these are often senior workforce executives - - nonetheless the buck stops with the senior executive.

Why Leadership Should Attend?

This 1-Day workshop is really about leadership auditing their programs and sharing insights, to ensure there is more than a semblance of business protocol and conduct.  There is never too much information about intent and outcome risk management as purveyors of order and technique. 

We are confident that leadership's participation adds value strategically, to the professional development, that which leadership role entails, and how the actions of the workforce will impact capacity building objectives.    

One aspect of leadership's insight could relate to the mistakes made if the outcome relates to losing valuable employees over cultural divide.   Let us talk, evaluate and produce solutions.   CSC offers a separate workshop entitled, "Leadership & Influence" in addition.  We hope you will augment the learning organization's progress by attending this one as well.    

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