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The information entered in this form and for the subscription is not to be construed as a referral, based on an evaluation or analysis of your company's performance, mission and/or manner of conducting your affairs.   Corporate Strategists Corporation will not be responsible for the services or products you provide, those with whom you have engaged to provide services or product by your company.  CSC is a business expansion arm to your marketing mission.


Corporate Strategists Corporation is only another way to enhance exposure to potential customers, clients and associations.   CSC works on the honor system that allows every subscriber to submit to Corporate Strategists Corporation as a referral based on the paid subscription.  No additional fees are collected via this subscription from any business that is generated from this website.  CSC will respect the ethical and legal responsibilities of how referral fees are paid and strongly encourages enforcement of such demands.   This subscription is not considered an affiliate service.  Please see separate information regarding affiliates programs.  

"Simply Taking Great Ideas To Another Level."

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