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Everyone in the workplace should take a course, at least once every six months, on workplace compliance and risk management to some degree -- elected and appointed government officials included.

An experience of sexual harassment violation is only one aspect of non-compliant environments;  there are contributing factors often associated with the finality of the debacles that may arise.   Seminars such as those provided by CSC, can make a difference between violation and prevention.   


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Why would every company want to learn about Cyber Security?  Because it affects everyone, public and private businesses, large or small.  Anyone who handles data and information need to learn what methods are most recommended to safeguard your most important tool of trade.  

Doing something about minimizing the risks of cyber crimes, and though cyber security awareness month is October, we endeavor to make this a daily, positive reinforcement tribute. On a monthly basis CSC will host events relevant to cyber crimes and risk management, through culmination in October.   REGISTER