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One of the most provocative value added seminar that we created in 1998, related to small business owners who are unable to conduct formal Orientation of New Employees -- we called it the ONE(tm) seminar and workshops.   At CSC, we are able to conduct the orientation for the small businesses.

The value-added it that we are able to award a 2.0 Professional Development Units for each attendee, with the Certificate of Completion -- A bonus toward the annual performance evaluation! 

Since that initiative was announced, there are many other organizations and skilled-based providers who are also offered this magnificent seminar.  However, because we originated the initiative, we are also as proud that imitation being the greatest flattery, we embrace their attempt.  

However, and again, there is that "however" -- we  hope you will be inclined to allow the honor of "shaping your vision, mission and conduct of choice" during the orientation cycle of your newly-added team player.   The Orientation of a company's employees is a vital contribution to building successfully, your organization capacity.  

All attendees are required to be registered.  During the orientation seminar, we are willing to conduct a seminar for a single employer if that person was our only registrant for the time frame allotted.  

Seminars are offered throughout the South Florida area, currently between the counties of Port St. Lucie through Miami-Dade County.  Please contact us directly for specific workshop, seminars and related soft-skills programs, and to request time, date and location.