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Optimizing the Way We Do Business!  

“Come For Business Cards . . . Leave With Cards For Business”(sm)

Case in point:

There is that adage that resonates with opportunities of being acquainted and being effective with “Who you know.” But the extension to that adage is another major component that requires creativity in connecting the dots efficiently “What to do.”

Essentially, to be effective and efficient,  Networking is really all two components, not one: Networking is about “What to do … withWho you know.

We are very good at connecting the dots, effectively and efficiently, as shown in CSC Networking & Prospecting Programs:

The Caterers' Corner promotes, introduces and showcases foods/beverages and the caterers who create them.   These events are often in areas of specialization, aimed at developing business relations between those who provide the service of catering and those personal or professional prospects who hire their services.

The Speed Coaching Ensemble Meetup group brings like-minded business-owners/executives together, to share insights and increase prospecting opportunities, in short-sessions exhibitor environments; exhibitors focus on introducing their wares and services.

The Entrepreneurs Forum allows vibrant, insightful advocates to discuss current topics relating to the high-growth industries, best practices and/or strategies, targeted for small businesses growth, profitability and sustainability efforts.  Conducted via webinars, tele-seminars / tele-conferences, and on-site round-table options.

The Entrepreneurs’ Emporium introduces and assists the hard-to-place potential business owners to alternative opportunities for business start-up, development or expansion (organizational structure design). The word, “emporium” allows candidates to self-directed feasibility study to identify, select, and create their own structure and format (whether profit or non-for-profit).

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