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Leadership By Example . . . . LBE

Diversity, Inclusion, Harassment, Discourtesies . . . Unawareness?

Whether directly or indirectly inflicted, workplace violations are costly -- morally, ethically, financially, economically, community-wide  . . . Whether in the for-profit or not-for-profit companies . . .  And, the coat-tail effect remains.

As often as we are reminded to include in our budgets training programs for all staff members, it is likewise as often that we cease to do this.    I have many, many, many friends and associates who are often encouraged to attend training seminars and workshops, some of ours and others as well. These recommendations are usually based on what they have shared about he temperament or climate of their workplace.

Frequently, the answers are the same:  They won't attend because their supervisors will not authorize the "expense" or they ,themselves are too busy leading or doing their jobs.   We hope to bring this to a halt or promote insight that will goad a change in attitudes of the human resources management and leadership.

There are those beliefs that everyone in the company deserves to be properly trained, and there is that other belief that every supervisor should be reminded that they are a pivotal component of the human resources management.  But, then again, the human resources leadership might not realize their own primarily responsibility is the proper education of all persons in the company.

Think beyond the norm . . .  Budget the time to elevate the knowledge base of your staff, and keep in mind that diversity should be a workplace matter . . . for everyone!


If one were to ask many HR executives what is their primarily core responsibility of the position, most will not give the correct answer.  They cannot because they themselves, unclear on that subject.  Definitions and  terminology are well known;  the application of terminology to the process is where  many fall short.  Beyond the definition of the title subject matter, there are so many unanswered questions . . .  And, there are many.

Our seminars pose questions and provide answers to leaders in the most pragmatic, realistic and specific manner, going beyond parameters of definitions. Yes, we review the definitions briefly, but concentrate on the applications, placing emphasis on what can often lead to the various forms of harassment and unsettling environments, and what alternatives leadership may consider.

We discuss what constitutes a quality-driven diversity and inclusion program; and, how unfair annual performance evaluations can be hurtful and inadvertently contribute to resignations of some of the most skilled employees.  

Insights on finding the best ways to design better leadership is a continuous process and is constantly changing.  We would like to make recommendations to make every possible attempt to transform the workplace to just one of the major tipping points in building quality workforces and leaders.  

Just a thought!