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There is nothing more powerful in marketing products in the International Commerce industry than the words "MADE IN THE USA" – And, everything that is "Made in the USA" can be sold overseas!

Notable experts have predicted that globally, field of eCommerce markets will reach a hot $4 Trillion by 2020, asking "Are You In?"

Learning innovative ways to gain a competitive edge, explore new horizons, and possibly expand and develop new markets is a sound principle of any business. But, it is beyond networking.

The International Corridors Network Association (ICNA) is hoping to get the attention of more African Americans (especially women-owned businesses) to participate more prominently in the International Commerce Industry, using eCommerce alternatives in exporting and importing opportunities.

Everyone is welcome to attend.   The countries of Asia that we have included are

Bangladesh | China | India | S. Korea  . . .  The List Keeps Getting Bigger

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Mr. Billy Hung is the Director of Public Relations and Communications for the American Enterprise Chamber of Commerce in Florida.  His contribution relates to the most formal information on doing business with China overall, but more importantly, he and his entourage /delegation can assist with a hands-on approach;  identifying what products and/or services are needed is the priority at this event.  He is the go-to person.  He will also be providing information on one of the most important business expositions to he held in Shanghai, China, this November.

Ms. Paola Issac-Baraya speaks at least three languages and provides up-to-the-minute information about getting ready. She represents the dynamic International Trade Division of Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development, hosting multiple of delegations from around the world.  She will present on essentials of getting ready to export and import, successfully!

Mr. Desmond Alufohai - "Mr. Ambassador" - is a

Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) and  a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).  He holds the position of Senior International Trade Coordinator, in the Economic Development & International Trade Unit, Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) for Miami-Dade County.  With over 20 years experience as an international business organizer, Mr. Alufohai's specialization is in the area of protocol and uncertainty avoidance training.

So, what is and how does EB-5 really connect to the International Commerce Industry?  It is how investors attach themselves to business owners to the "Made In the USA" provides mutual benefits to aspiring companies.  Would your company qualify to earn investments/investors?  What does a Letter of Credit have to do with this aspect of business?   

Intellectual Property -- Whether it relates to management, registration or designing, this is one of the top items on the list for doing business China requirements.  We would like to believe that every attorney with this specialization should venture into learning more about this aspect of the international commercial opportunities.

There is so much to know, to learn, to help your company to grow, words alone cannot express the vastness of the opportunities -- Let us explain why.  

Join us at the seminar, please.     

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Don't Know What To Sell . . .  Let Us Assist  You . . . Don't Be Left Out 

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain | 

This high-impact luncheon is geared toward hands-on options to assist in getting your piece of the industry.

Small Investment . . . Enormous Returns.

We Hope To See You There!