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Working with people around the globe provides boundless opportunities for corporations. 

At CSC, expanding horizons by connecting persons to businesses is an integral component of our services. It is one of the activities we do best. 

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"African Americans Doing Business With China"
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Recently, Corporate Strategists Corporation  (CSC) added a vital component to our income-producing activity of services:  


The International Corridors Network Association (ICNA) is the non-profit arm of Corporate Strategists Corporation (CSC).  ICNA serves the purpose of creating "hallways" or corridors for persons, with interests to do business on a global level.  In collaboration with CSC, regarding strategic business development and expansion, ICNA identifies, targets markets, and magnifies attainable opportunities that are aimed toward growth, profitability and sustainability of businesses. 


The Vision: Thinking Locally . . . Acting Globally!

The Mission:  "ICNA will design lucrative initiatives that identify opportunities in fields of international commerce to expand business and develop economic corridors on a global basis."

Globalization:  It is about knowledge management, high-impact programs,

exploring journalism and media, sharing information, conferences and special awareness programs.   


Creativity.  Imagination. Strategy.

On The Global Level!