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Why This Seminar?  

Because Integrity Is Not A Group Project;  It Starts With "I"

If you are not training every single member of your workforce on organizational citizenship behavior, it is costing you!

1-Day Seminar On Sexual and Other Forms Of Harassment

"I believe that fundamental honesty is the keystone of business."    -- Harvey Firestone, Founder

Why This Seminar?

So, let's be honest . . .  Inflicting pain on anyone is never fun, but often a game played out in the performance evaluations, the job applications, the behavior of power seekers;  these are often senior workforce executives - -  nonetheless the buck stops with the senior executive.

This 1-Day Seminar is really about auditing your programs and sharing insights to ensure you are more than a semblance of business protocol and conduct.  This is how participation adds value strategically, to the professional development,  leadership role, and capacity building planning.

Let us talk, evaluate and produce solutions.  

Please . . . Register Today  For Yourself and/or Have Your Upper Managers To Attend This Awesome Seminar.


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